Poses panel

Poses are a fundamental part of how RBF drivers works. They represent a snapshot of all the inputs and driven properties that you have defined. When you create a pose you are telling the system that when the inputs are like this, the driven properties should be like that. RBF Drivers will work out the in-between bits for you, so that behaviors and animations are smooth and predictable.


While not strictly required, it's advisable to set up driven properties before you add the poses. If you add new driven properties after you have created poses, all the poses for those driven properties will have the same values, which is rarely what you want. You can of course go back and edit the poses if you wish.

Adding and removing poses

Add/remove pose buttons

To add a pose, simply click the + button next to the list of poses. The RBF driver will record the current state of the inputs and the driven properties and save it as a pose. It's usually a good idea to change the name of the pose to something more meaningful, which you can do by double-clicking on the pose name in the list.

To remove a pose, click the - button next to the list of poses. The pose data will be removed and the RBF driver will be automatically recalculated.

Viewing and Updating poses

View/apply pose buttons

It's sometimes helpful to review the poses you have already defined, and optionally update them. Clicking the apply button will apply the selected pose to the scene. You can then make changes, and if you wish, overwrite the selected pose by clicking the update button.

If you want to manually edit the selected pose, clicking the edit button will bring up a dialog box with the saved values the pose. Once you confirm your changes the pose will be updated.

Edit pose dialog

Moving poses

Move pose up/down buttons

The poses list follows the typical Blender interface, so you can move poses up or down with the list using the move up/down buttons. The RBF driver operates irrespective of the order of poses, but it can be useful to order the poses in a way that makes sense for you.